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Apple TV (release v5.0) does. The Apple Bonjour gateway solves the problem of Bonjour devices being unable to discover.That both the iOS device or Mac are on the same wireless network as the Apple TV.A number of Apple TV customers are unable to stream Netflix movies to their devices, according to several user reports posted over the weekend.Hi, I have a problem with the Ethernet Network Connection on my Apple TV 4 when i wake up the device from Standy.Resolve Apple TV Networking Problems Mark Cuban. my nas had the same problem.

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At step 4, the Apple TV Gen 4 will send a gratuitous ARP pretending to be the Apple TV Gen 3 IP address which is the packet that causes the problem.Apple Support has an extensive and useful discussion forum where you may find help with specific problems.The question has been asked many times how to configure an Apple TV with EAP-PEAP on the Aruba forums and elsewhere on the web.

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Will connect the Airport Express device in the evening an hope situation stays stable.Search discussions, ask questions and get answers about Apple products and services.Anyway, other people with other networking equipment, could have the same problem, so for those struggling with network issues with the apple TV might be worth considering if the anomalous behaviour by the ATV is the trigger for the problem.

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Prior to this problem occurring, the TV allowed me to begin watching the movie as soon as it hit 2-4% of download completion.I have since been having problems with the network connection on it.

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Even setting a static IP on Airport Express did not stop this.

Hallo, Same problem with network speeds on my apple TV 4 - using ethernet or wifi.

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All postings and use of the content on this site are subject to the Apple Support Communities Terms of Use.The problem is caused by what appears to be a bug or misconceived feature.

On detailed investigation, I found the cause, and thought it worth documenting here, as it looks likely that other people likely to be affected by the same thing.In my case the Cisco wireless device excludes the Gen 4 ATV from the network as it sees it has a duplicate or spoofed IP address, but there will be many other setups that will also not like this.I am hoping someone at apple can log a bug for this issue and get it fixed.Ethernet cable connected to the router and generally getting about 3.5 Mbps.With an Internet connection, the Apple TV streams movies and television content to.So looks like the issue is likely to be there on all Wi-Fi networks, but it is likely that on a lot of networks (particularly home networks, using dumber Wi-FI access points), are not going to trigger problems.According to a thread on Apple Discussions that dates back to almost two months ago (October 2nd) which has received hundreds of replies, new Apple TV owners are.

Missing sound or audio when using Apple TV This relatively common problem is usually very easy to fix, try these steps in order: Solutions: Ensure the volume on your external audio or television is not set to mute.I have been investigating an issue where my Apple TV 4 would not stay connected to the network.In my case, the symptoms where that the Apple TV Gen 4 would keep losing its IP address and would be unable to stay on the network.Slow network speed with Apple TV (self.appletv) submitted 1 year ago by cyanletters.

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More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call 1-800-MY-APPLE, or find a reseller.

Apple TV troubleshooting tips to get you out of trouble in the rare event you meet any kind of problem with the Apple set top box.

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This appears to be triggered by the Gen 3 Apple TV going to sleep.In my case, the symptoms where that the Apple TV Gen 4 would keep.If I remember correct the AirPort Express used was swapping IP address to the one of ATV 3 or ATV 4.

Start with all devices off. 2. turn on the Apple TV Gen 4 (Apple TV gen 3 is off) 3. turn on the Apple TV Gen 3 (both are now on). 4. Put the Apple TV Gen 3 to sleep.Having problems with website today, check whether Apple server is up or down right now for everyone or just for you.However, the problem does not happen when the Gen 3 ATV is on Ethernet.

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