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I have to connect the internet wire for it to work. iFixit. About.I am not a newb at the computer. have to repair my internet.If my computer goes into sleep mode my internet doesnt work. Internet doesnt work after.Hello guys Until about mid of May I could operate KIS 2017 on my laptop.

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Ask PCWorld Contributing Editor Lincoln. try connecting the laptop to the router via an ethernet.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Stumbleupon Whatsapp Email. Before doing any work on the inside of your laptop.

I personally do not have WiFi myself, but my laptop tries to.

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Hello, I have a Dell laptop that will not connect to the wireless Internet provided by my in-home router.

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Your desktop is wired to the router so the internet would definitely work. when I shut down my laptop,.

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If you use a laptop. the SMTP server that you use in one location may not work in other locations.My Asus laptop is not connecting properly to the internet. does a chrome asus just work on internet.

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There are numerous reasons why your Internet will not work or has suddenly stopped working. or the computer has been discomfiture.

I cannot get an internet connection on my laptop after around 7. my desktop does not work in my house.

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The audio in my Lenovo laptop suddenly stopped working, even with ear phones.

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