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The LED 1 will blink in BLUE to indicate which mode you are changing to.To enable burst firing on your controller, hold your mod switch and tap d-pad right.

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The mod will blink to let you know what the current number is.Select the mode from the list above that is most appropriate for you.Normally, with both pistols in your hands, you have to pull both the left and the right triggers to fire both pistols, which is cumbersome.A WHITE LED will illuminate to let you know zombie auto-aim is active.View LEGO instructions for Starter Pack: Xbox 360 set number 71173 to help you build these LEGO sets.It can also make it easier to fire dual-wielding fully-automatic weapons.GENERAL INFO ON ALL MODS will provide you with the information on the technical aspect on our next-gen modchip.Modes 1-4: Traditional Fast Reload for all Call of Duty games, except Modern Warfare 3.

On June 4, 2013 Microsoft released the first retail disc of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition with a free gold membership.Dual Trigger rapid fire is the sale as regular Rapid Fire, except you also get rapid fire on both of your weapons when you are holding two guns (one gun in each hand).Enter the app password on your Xbox 360 instead of the password for your. follow these instructions to sign.The Auto Spot mod will spot enemies when you scope your weapon as this helps prevent the BF4 anti-cheater filter from blocking your mod.Pull the fire-weapon button, mod chip automatically presses scope button.Follow these instructions to set up the Xbox for wireless home networking.

When you pull and hold the trigger, the mod takes over and presses the trigger quickly over and over again, until you release the trigger.

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ILLUSTRATED MANUAL offers drawings instructions on each and every mod.The mod will automatically scope in, take the shot, and descope.

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To initiate a jump shot or a drop shot, just press the fire-weapon button.

While you are still learning how to use this mod, start with semi- automatic dual-wielded pistols.To enable auto sniper hold breath, hold down the mod switch, and then tap the sprint button.

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Then, equip your soldier with dual-wielded semi-automatic guns.

The following commands are of particularly major importance here.You can scroll to the next speed by holding down your mod switch, and holding your d-pad right button.The ammo clip bar will actually reach a full bar, before the animation sequence of the reload is done.

Soldier jumps automatically when you fire, except if you are scoping.When you scope in your primary rifle, rapid fire stays turned on.

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