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My Windows 10 laptop cannot access network printers connected by USB cable to my Vista desktop computer.My printer works for a little bit and then disappears from the network.Select your workgroup, the name of the computer sharing the printer, and then the printer you want to add.Most business enterprises and even many homeowners prefer to make use of a shared printer as a way of cutting down operational costs or offering more efficiency.

Your printer needs to be able to connect wirelessly and have a bluetooth capability.Open the Control Panel on the computer connecting to the shared printer.

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How to Connect a Printer to a Wireless Router. computers on a wireless network sharing a single printer,. computers that you want to have access to the printer.See Step 1 below for guidelines on how to locate and connect to a printer in a wireless area network (WLAN).Write an Article Request a New Article Answer a Request More Ideas.Click here for instructions on connecting to the printer via IP address.Kindly share the info. if you would have managed to print through a network printer. appeciate your helps.

Turn any Wired Printer into a Wireless Network Printer. from Cisco makes it easy to access all the functions of your all. to Make Your Wired Printer.Some printers may be able to connect via Ethernet cable, though this requires that they be close enough to the router for Ethernet to be viable.

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There are several ways you can go about installing a network printer, depending on the capabilities of the printer and the types of computers connected to the network.Ensure that the computer sharing the printer is turned on and logged in.Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 375,531 times.If you are prompted to install software, follow the prompts to download it or install it from a disk.

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.Some printers require you to install the printer software on your computer before you can connect to it over the network.

After clicking the Add a printer. a new page appears, you will be provided with two options, i.e. Local Printer Attached to this computer and A network printer or a printer attached to another computer.The following directions will instruct you on how to connect a Windows 8 computer to a network printer.How to Install a Network Printer. By default, everyone connected to your network can print to the printer.

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Avoid confusion and time wasting while installing a Network Printer to Windows 8.

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If you have multiple printers installed, check all the ones you want to make available.If prompted to use the current driver or replace it, choose to use the driver that is currently installed.With this changes you should be able to access and change network printers.

Connecting to a network printer saves you the hustles of having to walk to a nearby printer each time you need to print.

You may be prompted to select the software for your new printer.In my home network there is a network printer in the same local network.Select the printer you want to add from the menu that appears.Most printers will install automatically when you connect the USB cable to the computer.Make sure your Wi-Fi printer is close enough to the router to get a solid signal.This will appear after you finish installing the Bonjour software.Windows should be able to find and install the correct drivers for most printers.To find out, open the Printers and Faxes dialog box (in Windows XP) or the Printers dialog box (in Vista).

Note that it is easier for a Mac to connect to a shared Windows computer than vice versa. if you have a mix of computer types, consider installing the printer on your Windows computer and use the previous method.Most printers will print the IP address on the configuration page.When I work from home, I am connected to the resources in my company via VPN.I cannot configure or access a network printer or other devices after I install my Norton product.AppleTalk PAP (Printer Access Protocol) Ethernet SNAP (EtherTalk Phase 2 only) Macintosh Windows 2000. 5. Connecting to the network.

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