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The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users.The best way to block the Facebook website with no chance of being bypassed is to use special software such as HT.

Facebook and YouTube face tough new laws on extremist and

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp - Turkey Blocks

The European Council has approved a set of proposals that would require companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to block videos containing hate.

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How to Block Adult Videos, Unwanted YouTube Videos With YouTube Safety Mode.

EU close to making Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter block

Exclusive: Google, Facebook quietly move toward automatic

Turkey blocks Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter... again

After setting up Squid As Transparent Proxy Mode, most of the system admins.

Account - YouTube

How To Block Facebook Using Hosts File -

You can block Facebook from your children or any other website you do not want them to have access to by using some of the following techniques.

Log in to Facebook | Facebook

block Facebook "log in" nag element (random element id

Block Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’s HTTPS Traffic In

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are facing tough new pan-European laws, forcing them to remove hate speech and sexually explicit videos or face steep fines.

You can block someone who is bothering you from your account settings.

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This is using Fortigate 110D with firmware 5.2.3. I tried to block the above usages via web filter and URL, but not successful.

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