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This is very similar to other TLS based VPN solutions like OpenVPN.That usually only effects UDP packets but it can still be a problem for TCP if the TCP MSS is large enough as the DNF bit is typically set in the IP header.

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Note: this setting cannot be used with IPsec and does not generate ICMP redirects, the former is primarily why it is off by default.It turns out that for this bug fastforward (the predecessor to tryforward) would never have worked either.


Correct, up until now the problem occured with IPFW and in-kernel NAT for IPv4.

Tested with OpenVPN 2.3.10 on amd64 bare-metal hardware with IPv4.My theory is that you will not, and that it requires the packet to go through IPFW to show the issue.

Have you tried disabling hw checksum offload on your public facing network device.Clients connected to the OpenVPN server experience slow IPv4 www traffic and connection resets.

Server can access Internet, CLIENTS CANNOT, but

Also, without IPFW and NAT, that is if you can make this a regular routing setup, do you see the problem.

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Clients connect via IPv4 UDP to the server, and in-kernel NAT is performed on the external interface.Only CARP interface was reachable by ping packet. Hi. 1 net.inet.ip.fastforwarding:.

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I stopped and started writing that last paragraph while in the middle of something else.

Only CARP interface was reachable by ping packet. - comp

But the symptom still sounds similar in the respect that some of your UDP traffic ( your OpenVPN control traffic for example ) appears to be processed correctly, but other traffic ( your OpenVPN transport traffic being tunneled ) does not.I primarily use Mikrotik for the traffic shaping but pfSense is my vpn gateway.

I will report in a couple of hours if it also resolves the bug in a direct LAN connection.

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This feature can be enabled by setting the net.inet.ip.fastforwarding.The patch resolves the OpenVPN bug. (tested with the above ipfw.txt ruleset and OpenVPN config files).MTU is 1500 on all interfaces (on WAN and LAN interface on the gateway, as well as on the client).In the latter case, you could have a large inner IP packet size due to the tunnel overhead which would cause the outer IP packet to be fragmented.

Thanks for all the updates, this does help to track some of this down.

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But for those for whom fastforwarding worked (i.e. IPSEC is disabled and ipfw is enabled), now it will never work.

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I am working up an alternate fix and testing it now, but the issue is now time.

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