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We do not discriminate against any protocol or application and we do not monitor traffic or traffic type.All payment information is stored by our payment providers and is linked to a blackVPN account via their own transaction IDs.We recommend to use OpenVPN as it offer the highest encryption and is by today the most secure VPN.Perfect Forward Secrecy is enabled (Diffie-Hellman key exchange).Our offshore VPN network (Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iceland, Netherlands, Panama, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland) is physically isolated from our USA operations and shares no connection to it.These settings offer you the highest grade of security available.Other actions on the website will also trigger the same logging event.Connect to thousands of VPN servers in 145 ExpressVPN server locations in 94 countries.

Each invidual payment system may require you to enter personal information to be able make a purchase from them.Our experts and community take a look at VPN.Express, to see if this VPN is right for you.Since our beginning in 2009 all openVPN connections have been forced to use the AES-256-CBC cypher for maximum security and after the recent Heartbleed bug we switched to new 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman keys too.For the Credit Card transactions, we only retain the necessary data for the transaction.

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Overview - conclusion ExpressVPN is an extremely fast VPN service provider that offers great server location coverage as well as good performance and customer support.In the UK and Europe many data centers that require any action at all give us 48 hours before an automatic null route of the IP address.

While officially a part...Even though if one of our customer decides not to use the client, in our community there is a big variety of tutorials to help our customers to protect themselves against any sort of leaks.We provide OpenVPN which can be used across multiple devices with our 2048bit keys, our Windows, OSX, Linux application provides DNS Leak and protection if VPN is dropped within the application settings, we can also provide tutorials to users to set these safe-guards up manually.We do not track our users, therefore the notices cannot be acted upon, due to the fact the DMCA notices cannot be verified we respond to the notices in this manner.We have tight control over the hardware, and we only allow our servers to be hosted in high quality datacenters with multiple layers of physical security such as 24 hour security staff, biometric scanners, and cabinet-level security.We would be completely unable to find the origin of such abuse in relation to one of our users.VPN Server List of LimeVPN is about server locations, server addresses and servers bandwidth.

Our VPN servers (and other user-reachable services like Proxies, DNS, etc.) run on servers hosted in different datacenters all around the world (currently in 25 countries).In addition, server hard drives are encrypted to prevent tampering or any data recovery should the physical server be accessed.After seeing the rising trend of server seizures in 2014, it can no longer be assumed that simply not logging can protect the users.You need a valid email for account registration, in order to restore your password.ExpressVPN offers unlimited access to servers in 78 countries and free VPN client software.

The anonymity and privacy of our users is our highest priority and the Perfect Privacy infrastructure was built with this in mind.

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Since a warrant canary would be typically triggered by a law enforcement request on individual user, they are more reflective on the size of the customer base and how interesting the data in the service is from a law enforcement perspective.In theory on a modulating IP address your traffic could appear to be coming from 30 different IP addresses.The last time this happened the user responsible found that their computer was infected with malware which was causing the abuse without their knowledge.

In house custom tools that we will not disclose for obvious reasons.As such, any excuse for deploying weak cipher suites is untenable.ExpressVPN has become the market leader in the VPN industry with its supreme quality VPN performance during past seven years which attracted and.

When you decide to get a VPN service, you should consider the geographic locations of the VPN servers.For example,If you want to watch Hulu, Netflix those.We also offer StealthVPN as additional layer of security on top of Open VPN which makes it virtually impossible for ISPs to recognize OpenVPN protocol, throttle it or block.In those cases, we do hold information that customers provide us voluntarily.

Select from the array of geographically diversified VPN locations to access complete and utmost online security, privacy and freedom.We have servers in 32 countries, and we are constantly optimizing them for speed.The following map provides a list of Azure regions and ExpressRoute locations.Yes, each server pushes DNS settings which are within our own network, these servers are recursors so the source IP of all queries are that of our own servers.All billing information is stored on different servers and cannot be linked to users by any means.This means that we do not have any information to share with third parties or court.

Datacenters must comply to some technical and privacy requirements.We do abide by the law so in the end we would have to send over the information requested on a user.In our database, we keep: usernames, hashed passwords and the corresponding salt, account status and email (if given).Utilizing a local DNS would not assist with privacy as all DNS requests are tunneled through our VPN and out to the public DNS servers, additionally, using a local DNS gives us a single point of failure for a DDOS attack, and would make the network vulnerable.Currently the best encryption OpenVPN supports without being modified is AES-256-CBC.

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We also encourage users to use PGP when communicating with us.

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For example if a VPN main business was set up in Sydney Australia but had servers in other countries like London UK which law would the use of the.We use our own email servers and helpdesk software for communication with customers.To mitigate this, we run the VPN service itself on a virtual machine within an encrypted RAM container, and combine this with physical tamper resistance just to be sure.We provide private DNS servers, reverse proxies aka SMARTDNS (in beta) and of course IP Modulation.

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We would simply cease operations if placed under gag order or similar.Our VPN network covers: USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ukraine, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Hong Kong, Germany, France and Canada.

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We keep customer email addresses offline in case we need to contact the customer for some reason.

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