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THIS was fantastic information - been struggling with the locked out account removal for a while.How To Delete A YouTube Account -- David Walsh shows you how to delete your YouTube Account updated for April 2014.Most people would not be able to figure this out, and this is a dumb design.Some security policies do not make sense when weighed against the unintended consequences of extremely tight policies.

Deleting your Google Account affects all data associated with that account and any services you use, like Gmail, Google Play, or YouTube.

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MS Live ID now has a pwd that I have on a Post It Note on my desk (like millions who are forced to use MS Live).I run a blazing fast laptop (ASUS ZenBook UX51) yet the Charm Bar takes forever to load and sometimes I need several attempts.It has tons of potential and then grabs you by the throat and crushes your dreams.

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For the account I am trying to remove, when I click on it I do not get the option to remove, it just wants to open it.

If it allowed more freedom and were more intuitive then I would like it better.

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I had a couple of minutes this morning, so I found this post.I removed GMail and am considering removing the other accounts too since they are now covered by the very insecure MS Live.However, I tested the other account and when I click on it I do get the option to remove.

I had a similar problem and the advice Mr Stork provided did not help me.Home Windows 10 Windows 10 Mobile Previous versions MDOP Surface Surface Hub Library Forums.

Use Unlocker and can delete anything from Windows.1st need to make system folders visible then.I wanted to remove a yahoo account which was linked to my live account.

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In regards to your method for removing unwanted or redundant mail accounts, it would work alright except for one teensy little point: The option for removing the acct. does NOT appear near the bottom u n l e s s.

How to Remove Videos From YouTube That Someone Else Uploaded. as it can result in your YouTube account being terminated. How to Delete Frames in YouTube.

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Click on YouTube and you will see it say delete YouTube just...If the account was deleted from the host service prior to doing this, it is IMPOSSIBLE to click on the account and mark it form.

How You CAN Delete Almost any video on YouTube

Click on the User account you wish to delete. 4. Click on the Delete the account. 5.

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